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WellAve delivers full service dermatology care that is convenient and more accessible to patients, resulting in better dermatological health.


• Convenient
• No need to wait
• Superior patient experience
• Patient-focused
• Easy for staff and patients
• Dermatology specialists

Our mobile dermatology clinics include skin cancer screening, treatment of skin disorders and cosmetic services onsite at your venue. WellAve’s unique approach combines our proprietary technology platform with trained providers to efficiently address most dermatology needs onsite at community locations:

• Employer worksites
• Churches
• Country Clubs
• Fitness Centers

• Senior Living
• Medical offices
• Local Events

Our providers are experienced dermatology specialists who have completed our rigorous training program. They have access to an array of tools that ensure each person is treated appropriately and professionally.


We make it easy for you!

Turnkey set-up: We come in, set up and take down the mobile clinic.
No cost: There is no cost to host a mobile dermatology clinic at your facility. Services are covered by most participant’s insurance plans, subject to plan co-pays, deductibles and exclusions.
Marketing tools: Promote the mobile clinic through your network using our marketing toolkit that includes flyers, social media campaign elements and email template.

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Skin Cancer Epidemic
By hosting a mobile dermatology clinic, you can help address the epidemic of skin cancer while saving people valuable time.
One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.
Each year, more skin cancers are diagnosed in the US than all other cancers combined.
One person dies of melanoma every hour (every 52 minutes).

Why wait?
The average wait time to schedule a dermatology appointment has been increasing. A patient may wait months just to get an appointment. This is not just inconvenient; it can impact much more. Skin cancer won’t wait! Faster diagnosis can improve outcomes significantly.

Convenient for all
WellAve makes it easy for you to host a mobile dermatology clinic and easy for people to participate. There is no cost to host a clinic and we accept most insurance plans. And our turnkey operation won’t cost you any downtime.

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